Business Set-Up in Cyprus

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Attention entrepreneurs, digital nomads and business owners!

Are you considering to relocate your business to a location with favorable tax and financial regulations? Or are you thinking of founding a company abroad? Are you looking for a tax residency where you only need to stay 2 months a year?

business set up in Cyprus

Cyprus is a great place for business and leisure!

The corporate tax rate is at a competitive 12.5%, the work-force is well educated and the business environment is friendly in general. There are tax incentives for new tax residents, who haven’t lived in Cyprus before. The so-called Non-Domicile or “Non-Dom” are exempt from tax for globally generated income from interest and dividends, for example, from stock investments. The country guarantees this for 17 years after the application.


Did you know that there is an interesting combination of doing business in Georgia and Cyprus? You can live in Cyprus and be a tax resident there, while your company is registered in Georgia. With this, you can enjoy tax-exemption on corporate and individual taxes in Cyprus and Georgia.

Depending on your business model, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada and other countries could also be an attractive location for your business.

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