Traveling & living in Cyprus

What are the benefits of living in Cyprus?

Besides a great location close to many EU countries, the “Jewel of the Mediterranean” offers untouched nature – from gorgeous beaches to majestic mountains, a vibrant history, and culture, excellent education and healthcare, as well as favorable tax and financial regulations. Read more about the 8 top reasons how living in Cyprus will make your life better.

For which groups of people is Cyprus suitable?

Cyprus is a popular destination for expats. Investors find the cheapest and quickest real estate Citizenship by Investment Program in Europe. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads benefit from the favorable tax and financial regulations as well as the great location. Retirees love the sunny weather and the affordable cost of living. Medical tourists trust the excellent healthcare options in Cyprus, which offer great value for money. Holidaymakers value the beautiful nature, amazing beaches, and an interesting history. 

What makes Cyprus the perfect holiday getaway?

Cyprus is a country with a very clean environment, fresh air, and beautiful clear skies. This marvelous island combines hundreds of beaches and green forests, intact nature, and striking mountains where you can go skiing in winter. Everyone loves the sunny weather, the relaxed lifestyle and the many things to do – from fascinating history to being active in nature or simply relax by the beach. And most importantly: it is one of the safest countries in Europe.

Which districts are there in Cyprus? What are their top features?

There are five districts in Cyprus with unique features.

Paphos is a coastal district in the West of Cyprus. Crystal-clear blue beaches and lush forests await you. This district has a great infrastructure and lots of history and culture. Paphos is the birthplace of the goddess of love “Aphrodite”, also known as Venus. And on Cyprus’ many clear nights, you can perfectly see the planet Venus from Paphos. 

Limassol district is located in the South-West of Cyprus. Limassol is the second-largest urban area in Cyprus after Nicosia and has an excellent quality of living rank. Foreigners, and Russians in particular, value Limassol’s city life and excellent culinary offers. The cost of living, especially rent, is above the Cypriot average. Despite this, you can find a house for sale in Limassol.

Larnaca is a coastal district in the South-East of Cyprus. It is known for its palm-tree seafront and historical buildings. There are over 100 educational institutions in the city, and many theaters and art galleries. Larnaca International Airport is the island’s primary airport. It is the island’s business hub and home to many expats, Germans in particular. 

Nicosia district is located in the heart of Cyprus with no direct seaside access. It is the capital city of Cyprus and also the largest city on the island. It is a unique business and cultural hotspot and the last separated capital city in the world: Nicosia’s North is Turkish and the South of the city is Greek. Not to worry: both parts live together amicably now. 

Famagusta is located in the East of Cyprus. It is home to Agia Napa, the resort and party city of Cyprus if you are looking for entertainment. At the same time, it is home to many historic buildings and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with crystal-clear water and gorgeous sandy beaches.

residency & citizenship

How can I become a citizen of Cyprus and obtain an EU passport?

With 2,15 million Euros, the Cyprus investment program is the quickest and easiest way to citizenship of a European country, including an EU passport. All you need is a clear criminal record and health insurance. There is no language test, medical examination or interview for citizenship applicants. It is not necessary to live in the country of Cyprus. The whole application and approval process takes less than 6 months. Find out more about how to become a citizen of Cyprus and obtain an EU passport this detailed blog article by My Kypros Home.

€2+ million
investment in properties

€150,000 donation
to the government

6 months
application check

Criminal Record


Enjoy Cyprus
all year round

Is there a cheaper alternative to get a permanent residency in Cyprus?

If you wish to obtain residency in Cyprus and you are willing to invest in the country, you can also apply for a permanent residence permit through the fast-track option. This takes two months and you must purchase a property in Cyprus with a minimum value of 300,000 Euros. 200,000 Euros must be paid before the application. In addition, you must make a deposit into a Cypriot bank and your annual income must be higher than 30,000 Euros. If you obtain residency under this program, you are not allowed to work in Cyprus, but you can be the owner of a Cypriot company and receive dividends. After 7 years of legal residency, you may be eligible for citizenship. Find out more about this fast-track program in our detailed blog article.


€30,000 Annual income from abroad

Bank Deposit

Criminal Record


Visit Cyprus
every 2 years

Do I need a visa for Cyprus?

Cyprus is a full member of the EU. Hence, the citizens of Cyprus are European citizens. Citizens from other EU countries can stay in Cyprus for 90 days without any further documents and only need a registration certificate after those 90 days. Currently, there are 89 countries whose citizens do not require a visa for Cyprus given that they stay less than 90 days. However, Cyprus is not part of the Schengen area. If you have the Cyprus residency and are a non-EU citizen, it’s easy to obtain a 1-year visa for the Schengen area.

Business in Cyprus

What are the advantages for my business in Cyprus?

Besides its strategic location in Europe, Cyprus offers many monetary advantages for businesses. The corporate income tax rate is at a low 12.5%, the work-force is well educated and the business environment is pleasant in general. In addition, there is no withholding tax in Cyprus, and the intellectual property tax is low as well. Since 2018, the rules for Cyprus tax residents under the so-called Non-Domicile or “Non-Dom” status are even more attractive. Internationally generated income from interest and dividends, for example, dividends and gains from stock investment, is not taxable in Cyprus. The country guarantees this program for the next 17 years. Are you considering to relocate your business to Cyprus? My Kypros Home is happy to help you with your questions and make the necessary arrangements for you.

strategic location in Europe

Only 12.5%
corporate tax

well educated

pleasant business environment

No withholding

Tax benefits for

How can I find a job in Cyprus?

There are many foreign companies and businesses, which are seeking qualified local and international staff. My Kypros Home can help you with moving to Cyprus and is in the process of setting up a job board.

What’s the best way to relocate or move to Cyprus?

Moving to a new place is always exciting and accompanied by a lot of organizational tasks – from legal formalities to packing, travel arrangements and arriving at your new destination. As Cyprus is a member of the European Union, relocating to Cyprus is easier for EU citizens. But as Cyprus offers the cheapest and easiest Citizenship by Investment Program paired with an EU passport, as well an easy Residency Permit scheme, living in Cyprus is also possible for non-EU citizens. Chinese, Russian and Arab citizens in particular value the many benefits of Cyprus. If you want to save yourself some time and headache, My Kypros Home is happy to assist you, in collaboration with our partners, with the whole process of relocating to Cyprus – whether it’s for family arrangements or your business.

Property in Cyprus

How can My Kypros Home help me to find houses and apartments for sale in Cyprus?

As a centralized platform, My Kypros Home offers houses and apartments for sale from licensed real estate agents. This includes residential and commercial real estate in the five districts of Cyprus. We work with a variety of selected high-quality partners throughout Cyprus to provide you with tailor-made services for your individual needs, including properties for rent, which are not listed on our website. Contact us for a free consultation.

Where can I find more information about my new location?

Check My Kypros Home’s bi-monthly blog articles for topics around living in Cyprus. We are happy to provide personalized assistance for your individual questions. Contact My Kypros Home now.

medical tourism

What is the quality of healthcare in Cyprus?

Cyprus offers high-quality healthcare, which is on par with international standards. Modern private hospitals and premium clinics are excellent facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. From annual check-ups to cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy, kidney dialysis, dental and surgical procedures, the island offers attractively priced healthcare holidays. The sunny weather and many interesting things to do make Cyprus a perfect place to attend to your medical needs.

How do I arrange my medical trip to Cyprus?

Of course, you can do your own research and make all the arrangements by yourself. If you want to save time and energy, My Kypros Home is happy to assist you with the selection and preparation of your trip as well as all arrangements on the island. We provide tailor-made packages for your individual needs.

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